Troop 460
Camp Taskmaster's Worksheet

A. Four weeks prior to trip. - Scoutmaster appoints the Taskmaster for the event.
1. Confirm that Camping Chairperson has secured location.
2. Confirm who from Admin, Committee, & Parents will be attending.
3. Work with Scoutmaster on the Events/Program for the outing.

B. Three weeks prior to trip.
1. Announce cost of outing not counting food expenses.
2. Announce to Patrols Events/Programs for outing.
3. Plan Patrol menu's and have approved.

C. Two weeks prior to trip.
1. Get roster of who will be attending.
2. Has Camping Chair submitted tour permit to Council.
3. Collect monies for outing properties and facilities.
4. Issue personal equipment list to boys.

D. One week prior to trip.
1. Collect $10.00 per Scout, per weekend for food, issue to Patrol buyer.
2. Purchase food.
3. Final count on those going.
4. Turn in monies to Treasurer, get receipts.
5. Inform Transportation Chair of transportation needs.
6. What properties are needed for trip.
7. Get check from Treasurer to cover cost of trip reservations.
8. Inform Scouts of time we are leaving and any other issues.

E. Day of trip.
1. Issue written roster to all Leaders and SPL.
2. Get copy of Tour Permit to bring on trip.
3. Have Transportation Chair issue Health binders to drivers.
4. Inform parents on return time and location.
5. Load cars with food, equipment and Scouts.
6. Issue final thoughts and answer questions of Scouts and Parents.

F. Return day from trip.
1. Check in Troop properties.
2. Collect Health binders and return to Transportation Chair.
3. Wait until parents pick up all Scouts.
4. Patrols to take home any equipment needing cleaning.
5. Call Committee Chairman with status of completed trip.

G. First meeting after return.
1. Patrols to evaluate trip and provide feedback to PLC.
2. Return Troop equipment sent home to be cleaned.
3. Refund or collect any monies for food purchases.
4. Contact Treasurer with receipts and last of expenditures.
5. Contact Transportation Chairperson with update on drivers and miles driven.

Note: Give a weekly status to Scoutmaster on all issues.